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Hi, I'm Bill Murray. Welcome. Let's brand your product, service or station with a powerful new voice.

I'll bring you a strong, experienced, unique and recognizable sound, and we can start right away. I've been doing voiceovers full time since the 1980's. Today I work from a custom studio in the southern Appalachian mountains. I'm in every day from around 8:00 - 6:00 eastern.

Have a look around, check out some commercials and promos, and please call or email. I'll look forward to talking with you.

I'm also the author of three adventure travel books. Check out Out in the Cold, Common Sense and Whiskey, and Visiting Chernobyl, A Guide.

Thanks for visiting.

I work from here -
a real live log cabin!
It's a custom-built studio
bordering National Forest
in the southern
Appalachian mountains.

And I'm prompt.
I'll record your script
as soon as you send it.


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Send mail:
Bill Murray Voices, Inc.
4625 Murray Lane
Young Harris, Georgia
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Voiceovers.com is the web site of Bill Murray, who does voiceovers from the Appalachian mountains of Georgia, USA.
Call 706.379.0675. Email bill (at) voiceovers.com.

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I've been talking for a living for thirty years, all the way back to college radio. I was a disc jockey for fourteen years, last in Atlanta, during which time I grabbed a promo voice job for the Turner TV networks. I did promos for SuperStation TBS and CNN, and, beginning with the sign-on of TNT Network, was their daily promo voice for fifteen years. Nowadays I work for TV stations across the country, from that little cabin on the left, and live with my wife Mirja on a horse farm in the Appalachian Mountains of north Georgia. We travel extensively. We've been to more than half the countries in the world. See our photo site, EarthPhotos.com and check out my two adventure travel books, Common Sense and Whiskey and Visiting Chernobyl, A Guide.

That's me with Wes Pollard, Creative Director at WREG Memphis. I'm on the right.

See also my bio on LinkedIn. It's more extensive than the one here.

"Bill is the consummate professional with an impressive talent! He delivers quickly and provides several options for each read. He's so easy to work with and we really appreciate his consistency in delivery and his communication." - Dave Nuckolls, CNN

Here are some of the places I either work now or have worked in the past:

  • -legal voice of AT&T Mobility national radio.
  • -voice of the NewsOn app. Local news, nationwide. Via iTunes, Google Play & the Roku Channel Store.
  • -daily voice at WXIA-TV, which is NBC in Atlanta.
  • -regular promo voice at KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh.
  • -news and promo voice at KOLO-TV, Reno.
  • -news and promo voice at KTBS-TV, Shreveport.
  • -daily voice at WEVV-TV, Evansville.
  • -news and promo voice at WOI-TV, Des Moines.
  • -commercial voice for WRAL-TV, Raleigh.
  • -commercial voice at WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh.
  • -regular promo voice at NewsTalk 730 KYYA, Billings.
  • -commercial voice for KUTV-TV, Salt Lake City.
  • -news and promo voice at WREG-TV, Memphis.
  • -news and promo voice at WNBD-TV, Greenville.
  • -promo voice at KLKN-TV Lincoln.
  • -promo voice at KCAU-TV Sioux City.
  • -promo voice at WHBF-TV Tri Cities.
  • -promo voice at KGET-TV Bakersfield.
  • -promo voice for Cox Cable of Greater Louisiana, statewide.
  • -promo voice for Cox Cable New Orleans, New Orleans.
  • -commercial voice at KMTR-TV, Eugene.
  • -commercial voice at WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids.
  • -promo voice at WDSE-TV, PBS in Duluth.
  • -commercial voice at WGNT-TV, Hampton Roads.
  • -commercial voice for UPN 50 -TV, Albuquerque.
  • -commercial voice for WB19 -TV, Albuquerque.
  • -news and promo voice at KSEE-TV, Fresno.
  • -promo voice at WMBD-TV, Peoria.
  • -news and promo voice at WTVA-TV, Tupelo.
  • -promo voice at WKDH-TV, Tupelo.
  • -promo voice at WTVA-TV, Tupelo.
  • -promo voice at KYOU-TV Ottumwa.
  • -promo voice at FOX 28-TV, South Bend.
  • -commercial voice at Fox 21/27, Roanoke & Lynchburg.
  • -commercial voice at WECT-TV, Wilmington.
  • -commercial voice at CBS2-TV, Palm Springs.
  • -commercial voice at KLFY-TV, Lafayette.
  • -commercial voice at WSAW-TV, Wausau, Wisconsin.
  • -commercial voice at WHSV-TV, Harrisonburg, Virginia.
  • -commercial voice at TV3, Winchester.
  • -promo voice at Cox Cable Channel 4, Baton Rouge.
  • -voice on Rolex Sports Car Series on Speed TV.
  • -legal voice for some Capital One radio.
  • -announcer for EPN-TV, an instructional service of Primerica Financial Services.
  • -commercial voice on 103 FM County Sound, Cork, Ireland.
  • -commercial voice on Live 95FM, Limerick, Ireland.
  • -IVR voice for the University of Texas Medical Center.
  • -weekly IVR voice for DMX/AES Music.
  • -one of those guys on the trains at the Atlanta airport.
  • -voice of hundreds of commercials heard in the USA and even in some godforsaken lands.

During 14 years as a disc jockey, I played Kool and the Gang and the Pointer Sisters on the air so often that ultimately I finally had to flee.

Use Bill Murray for Voiceovers
Call 706.379.0675

Here's the two faces of Owen the Octopus - an online character Bill plays for
Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, teaching children with speech disorders.

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