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Hi, I'm Bill Murray. Welcome and thanks for visiting. Let's brand your product, service or station with a powerful new voice.

I'll bring you a strong, experienced, unique and recognizable sound, and we can start right away. I've been doing promos full time since the 1980's. Today I work from a custom studio on a horse farm in north Georgia, every day from around 8:00 - 6:00 eastern.

Have a look around, check out some commercials and promos, and please call or email. I'll look forward to talking with you.

One more thing: I'm an author. Check out my adventure travel book Common Sense and Whiskey. (Amazon, BN, Kindle), and my second book, Visiting Chernobyl, A Guide (Amazon, Kindle).

Thanks for visiting.

Bill works from here -
a real live log cabin!
It's a custom-built studio
bordering National Forest
in the southern
Appalachian mountains.

Bill records your script
as soon as you send it.

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Voiceovers.com is the web site of Bill Murray, who does voiceovers from the southern Appalachian mountains in Georgia, USA.
Call 800.229.2046. Email bill (at) voiceovers.com.

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Sessions by ISDN and Source Connect.

My second audio book narration was published in December 2013 by Cherry Hill Publishing.
It's Tunnel Vision, by Gary Braver. Now available on Audible.com.

My first, published earlier in 2013, was Savage Bay by Christopher Forrest, available here.

The second book I've written, Visiting Chernobyl, is available now on Amazon, and Kindle.

For this year's holiday vacation, December 19 - January 6, I can offer you next day delivery on most audio based on this chart:

Besides my voiceover career, my wife and I travel as often as we can. We maintain a photo web site called EarthPhotos.com, with 17,000+ photos from all over the world, and a travel blog called Common Sense and Whiskey, to compliment my adventure travel book of the same name. Common Sense and Whiskey, the book, is a compilation of travel stories from Bhutan, Borneo, Burma, Greenland, Guangxi, Lake Baikal, Madagascar, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Chilean Patagonia, the Southern Caucasus, the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Sri Lanka and Tibet. Get yourself a copy from Amazon.com for just $9.99.

Usually, the most up to date Bill's news will probably be found at Common Sense and Whiskey, the blog.

January 2013: We're just back from Lima, Peru and Easter Island. Photos will be popping up here for Peru and here for Easter Island.

Winter 2012: We're off on the 22nd of December for ten days. We'll be up in the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. My mission: Photograph the northern lights. Stay tuned for photos.

July, 2011: John Mindlin with Green-Shoot in London asked me to give a talk on what producers can do to make life better for voiceover guys, for a seminar he's leading. Nobody's ever asked me that before. If you like, have a listen to my Wise, Sage Advice.

Couple of new agents as we head into spring:
New representation in the Pacific Northwest by Option Model and Media in Portland,
and in the UK by The Voiceover Gallery in London and Manchester.
Happy to be listed with both.

Here's a beautifully shot new spot for Zippo, shot in Canada.
Bill's the weatherman at the beginning & the announcer at the end.
It's via Brunner, Pittsburgh. Click the picture to watch the spot.

Enjoy a few photos from our photo site, EarthPhotos.com.
My wife and I run it. There are over fifteen thousand photos from our travels:

September, 2010

The sauna near our cabin on the lake in Finland. We're back from summer holiday and I'm planning to be in the studio every day straight through until Christmas. I've put a few vacation photos here, on EarthPhotos.com.

August, 2010

We're off on our semi-standard summer at the lake in Finland. The dates we out of the office are August 2 - 20.

It's the standard plan. I'll take my mobile recording gear and when we've got fast internet, I'll be available for next day delivery of mp3s.
Send your script before you leave the office for the day and I'll have an mp3 back in your in box the next morning.
Here is the chart of available days:

After the first week at the lake we're going to take a little tour through the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania, and then Belarus before flying home from Munich.
We'll write about it on Common Sense and Whiskey. Photos, meanwhile, will be right here, on our photo site, EarthPhotos.com.

Enjoy the first part of August while we're gone!

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Midnight Wednesday night. We're back, business as usual Thursday, maybe a little slow clearing the backlog, but I'm on it. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Leaving for the San Salvador airport in a couple of hours. Tomorrow should be a normal office day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Now in San Salvador, tickets in hand to go to ATL tomorrow, plan on being in the office Thursday as usual.

The airport here in Guatemala City didn't reopen last night as scheduled, apparently because there's still ash on the runway. They have canceled our flight tomorrow and now say the best they can do is Friday. So we have arranged to travel over land to El Salvador, where the airport is open, today. We're now booked on the Wednesday flight from San Salvador to Atlanta. That should still put us home Wednesday night and back at work on Thursday. If that changes, I'll post the news here.

Sunday May 30, 2010
New news: We're now confirmed on the Wednesday flight to ATL, meaning we'll be back at work on Thursday. The volcano ate my homework.

Confirming now that the airport won't reopen until Monday night at 6:00, meaning Delta won't be flying in here to get us Monday afternoon. We'll be trying to book the Tuesday flight and be back at work Wednesday, will advise as we know.

We came to Guatemala Thursday for a quiet long weekend at lovely Lake Atitlan. Thursday afternoon the volcano Pacaya erupted, covering Guatemala City with ash and closing the airport. Thursday night we began to feel the effects of tropical storm Agatha. It has rained torrents since, causing mudslides and washing out bridges. Because of the threat of mudslides, we bailed out of Lake Atitlan and came back to the capital yesterday. Here's a video from Chimaltenango, which we drove through yesterday afternoon. For the moment, our Delta flight tomorrow back to Atlanta is cancelled. Watch this page, and I'll let you know more about when I'll be back to work right here as soon as I know it. Sorry for the trouble.

Here's a photo from the drive out yesterday. There are more here.

May, 2010

The vacation calendar is now set up until December, as we've finalized our travel dates for the long Memorial Day weekend in Guatemala and our travel to Finland in August. I'll take my recording gear in August, and be available for next day delivery of mp3s on select dates. Look for an avail calendar here as we get closer to the trip. The two work days I'll miss in May, though - they're just vacation days hanging around the lake. I'll bring back pictures.

Nice score on the TV voice talent chart this month at VoiceIsland.com, as voted by TV pros.
Currently rated number two.

April, 2010

Spring comes to the mountains of north Georgia. This is the creek in the back yard of our cabin down the road.
Click the photo for more from our photo web site.

January, 2010

Back in the studio, working away after our holiday vacation. Thanks for your indulgence.

Autumn, 2009

Back to work. Nice circle tour of Australia. Nice to see places we hadn't been - the west coast, the top end around Broome and Darwin, and the "Red Centre." This is one of our favorite photos, the cliffs at Watson's Bay. We put up about 400 photos in the Australia Gallery at EarthPhotos.com, and you can read what we wrote while there on Common Sense and Whiskey. Our next trip is something a little more out of the mainstream, so to speak. We sail from Southern Africa straight up the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the islands of St. Helena and Ascension via the last remaining royal mail ship, the RMS St. Helena. That's after Christmas, and I'll be here cooking up fresh voiceovers every day until then.

August, 2009

It's been a lovely summer in the southern Appalachians, with hardly a day in the 90's, and I rue its passing in advance. Especially since where we're about to travel, we'll be greeted by the shank of winter. One thing that can be said for southern Australia just now: it's not tourist season. On our first trip to Australia, some 14 years ago, we ran the east coast Port Douglas to Hobart. Now it's time for the circle tour of points west. And so we're off in a few days, for our late summer replacement holiday. Replacement, because for reasons I'm beginning to get over now, Australia wasn't our first choice of destination. Not that we won't love cruising aboard Sydney's ferries. I have the idea that weather permitting, my camera and I will just hop aboard and see where we go. Melbourne holds out the promise of an Australian rules football match, Melbourne v. Carlton, a rivalry, I gather. R W Apple's 1996 New York Times love letter to Perth is reason enough alone to fly west. We'll stop in Broome and Darwin and scoot across the Timor Sea for a brief visit to Dili before the big finish, one of the world's great train journeys aboard the Ghan, across the "Red Centre," the continent north to south in 51 hours and ten minutes. We'll post a fairly raw, unedited stream of photos to EarthPhotos.com. Give us a bookmark and watch here starting about the third week of August. And we'll have the odd thing to say about the things we see on the blog Common Sense and Whiskey. Why not RSS subscribe for free? Follow the link and you can subscribe on the main page.

As we say in the Appalachians, y'all, "Come go with us."

Here's the remote avail chart for this trip:

Summer, 2009

My wife Mirja and I have a photo web site called EarthPhotos.com, and it's associated blog, Common Sense and Whiskey.
Much of Bill's news will be found there nowadays.

Most notably, we've cancelled our summer trip to China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
It was a pretty agonizing decision and you can read about the reasons over on the blog.
We've scheduled a visit to Australia instead. Hey, twist our arms.
The new dates are 17 August - 4 September, and they're posted on the Vacation Calendar page.
As usual, I'll be taking my remote recording gear, and I'll be posting and emailing a chart of which days I'll be available for work well before we leave.

Bill Signs Four New TV Stations in a Month

A great big welcome and thank you to
KGET Bakersfield, KLKN Lincoln,
KCAU Cedar Rapids & WHBF Quad Cities.

I found a fun thing via the WayBackMachine -
It's the earliest still-existing web page from voiceovers.com, dated 15 April, 1997:

Here's an abandoned house on property adjacent to us. This is our neighborhood, last fall.

For some years we've been putting up our travel photos here.
We've moved them all now onto our photo site, EarthPhotos.com. The photos which used to be on this page are now here:
Gorillas, Namibia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Turkey, Bolivia, China, Vietnam, and there are many, many more at EarthPhotos.com.

September, 2008

Back from our August trip to Finland, Sweden, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, U.A.E. and Oman. The highlight was gorilla trekking in the Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda. Gorilla trek pictures are here.

I continue to record for clients on these trips, with remote gear, as long as there's reliable internet. This trip I took along a new ElectroVoice USB mic for the first time, allowing me not to have to haul around the ProTools interface, and I liked the results. The good folks at WOI sent me down a promo for their Democratic convention coverage that I did in Dubai, and then a promo for the Republicans that I did as soon as I got back to the studio, and I thought that they compared favorably. The Dubai-voiced spot obviously doesn't have the presence of my good old Neumann back at the studio - but not bad for a 7500 mile remote.

See the difference for yourself:

Above, the DNC spot, recorded with remote gear in Dubai (click it to play it),

and above, the RNC spot (click it to play it), recorded here in the studio.

Thanks to Doug in Des Moines for sending those down.

This recent trip updates our "Countries Visited" map thus:

You can make your own Countries Visited map here.

May, 2008


On 5 May, 2008 a construction crew on adjacent land started a fire that got this close to the studio buiding. A twenty man U. S. Forest Service crew was dispatched from North Carolina, a helicopter dropped water, more than fifteen acres were burned in the first day and the operation was still ongoing three days later....

Spring in the Mountains

An apple blossom on one of the trees out beside our barn.

Back here in Georgia, this is a live view looking north from atop Brasstown Bald mountain, Georgia's highest at 4784 feet.
In the live shot, our farm is to the left of the ridge just a little bit out of the picture.

Remember all that talk last summer about drought? We're pretty much right in the thick of it, and in early November 2007 a forest fire burned 800 acres nearby. You can see in the map, there wasn't much besides forest between the fire and us, but after five days it rained, and they got the fire out.

Our previous trip, back in summer 2007, was to Finland, where we own this little cabin, down by a lake:

It was the first trip we've taken my new mobile studio. Take a look:

It folds down nearly flat for packing and includes the same Auralex that lines the walls of the real studio. Everybody back in the U.S. seemed to agree that it's a distinct improvement from the previous method of working from the road, which involved piling up all the pillows and stuff from your hotel room, as pictured here on a trip to Ecuador in March, 2007:

Our previous trip was to Turkey where we saw a total eclipse.
Click inside the picture to view this Quicktime movie of the beginning of totality. Get the Quicktime player.

The view over our pasture from the back deck. THAT'S why we moved to the country.

Here's O'Neil, our third horse. He's a Dutch warmblood, imported from Holland.

The new house, shown here in the later stages of construction.
It's on the same land as the studio, setting up a grueling two hundred yard commute. Every day. We moved in in late April, 2004.

Prior to finishing the new place, and since moving from Atlanta in October of 2001,we had been living in a little cabin we bought in 1993 to use on weekends. That cabin is two miles away, down by the creek at the end of the gravel road. Here's the creek, with a sauna building beside it. A wet summer a few years ago, with the help of a couple of hurricanes, had all these mountains brimming full of water.

A fall or two ago, I put up a little photo tour of the area here on the Georgia/North Carolina border where we live and work. The nearest town is Young Harris, Georgia, population 604 (the last time anybody counted).

This picture is from Georgia's highest mountain, called Brasstown Bald. We look up at it from here.

Here's a closer view. The big building in the middle is the barn. The office is largely hidden,
above and to the left of the barn, and our new house is in the upper right.

Sometimes this webcam, located up there atop Brasstown Bald, points right across the valley at us.

Owen the Octopus, a character Bill plays for
Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, has a new look. Since last time we looked, Owen has turned green. And are those octopus legs?

People who ask me about getting into the business have prompted me to put up a little advice on getting into the field.
I try to update it from time to time with some useful web sites.

I do promos for one of the channels on this satellite delivered global radio company, WorldSpace. Check these guys out. It's really remarkable what they do.

This web page has generated inquiries, and even some business from Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greenland, Ireland, India, Israel, Kenya, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand.

Use Bill Murray for Voiceovers.
Call 800.229.2046

Here's the two faces of Owen the Octopus - an online character Bill plays for
Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, teaching children with speech disorders.

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