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Hi, I'm Bill Murray. Welcome. Let's brand your product, service or station with a powerful new voice.

I'll bring you a strong, experienced, unique and recognizable sound, and we can start right away. I've been doing voiceovers full time since the 1980's. Today I work from a custom studio in the southern Appalachian mountains. I'm in every day from around 8:00 - 6:00 eastern.

Have a look around, check out some commercials and promos, and please call or email. I'll look forward to talking with you.

I'm also the author of three adventure travel books. Check out Out in the Cold, Common Sense and Whiskey, and Visiting Chernobyl, A Guide.

Thanks for visiting.

I work from here -
a real live log cabin!
It's a custom-built studio
bordering National Forest
in the southern
Appalachian mountains.

And I'm prompt.
I'll record your script
as soon as you send it.


Send Email
Send mail:
Bill Murray Voices, Inc.
4625 Murray Lane
Young Harris, Georgia
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Voiceovers.com is the web site of Bill Murray, who does voiceovers from the Appalachian mountains of Georgia, USA.
Call 706.379.0675. Email bill (at) voiceovers.com.

Sessions by ISDN, Source Connect or ipDTL.
Log in to SourceConnectNow here.

ISDN stands for "Integrated Services Data Network," and it's how we send broadcast-quality sound between remote locations.

If each remote location has a compatible "codec" (short for coder/decoder - think of it as a 'voice modem') connected to a pair of ISDN lines,
you can send live sound from one end to be broadcast or recorded on the other.

The Bill Murray Voices, Inc. studio has two of the most popular codecs - a Telos Zephyr and a CDQ Prima.

Use these dial up numbers to connect to Voices, Inc.:
(706) 379-9719 and
(706) 379-9951.

Telos and CDQ codecs can readily talk to each other. We normally use the Zephyr, set at:
Layer 2 Mono 128
Layer 2

If you're calling from a Telos codec use these settings.
If you're calling from a Prima or other CDQ product, before you dial select
Preset 27.

In addition to ISDN, you can now get live sessions via Source Connect. Connect to "voicesinc."

There are a number of other ways we can connect to Layer III, Layer II and G.722 codecs. If you prefer a setting other than the default we use, just give a call first on the voice line.


Send Email
or, use this alternate emergency e-mail:
Alternate Email Address

web site: http://www.voiceovers.com

Use Bill Murray for Voiceovers
Call 706.379.0675

Here's the two faces of Owen the Octopus - an online character Bill plays for
Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, teaching children with speech disorders.

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