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Hi, I'm Bill Murray. Welcome and thanks for visiting my site. Let's brand your product, service or broadcast outlet with a powerful new voice.

I'll bring you a strong, experienced, unique and recognizable sound, and we can start right away. I've been doing voiceovers since college in the 1970's. Nowadays, I've built my own studio on our farm in north Georgia, and I'm at work every day from about 8:00 - 6:00 eastern time.

Have a look around, check out some of these commercials and promos, and email me right now. I'll look forward to talking with you.

One more thing: I'm an author! Check out my adventure travel book Common Sense and Whiskey.

In the U.S. call

Outside the U.S. call +1706.379.0675.

Thanks for your time.

Bill works from here -
a real live log cabin!
It's a custom-built studio
bordering National Forest
in the southern
Appalachian mountains.

Bill records your script
as soon as you send it.

in the US

in the US

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Voiceovers.com is the web site of Bill Murray, who does voiceovers from the southern Appalachian mountains in Georgia, USA.
Call 800.229.2046. Email bill (at) voiceovers.com.

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Send e-mail to bill@voiceovers.com. Thanks for visiting with us. Let us hear from you!

Use Bill Murray for Voiceovers.
Call 800.229.2046

Here's the two faces of Owen the Octopus - an online character Bill plays for
Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, teaching children with speech disorders.

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