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Hi, I'm Bill Murray. Welcome. Let's brand your product, service or station with a powerful new voice.

I'll bring you a strong, experienced, unique and recognizable sound, and we can start right away. I've been doing voiceovers full time since the 1980's. Today I work from a custom studio in the southern Appalachian mountains. I'm in every day from around 8:00 - 6:00 eastern.

Have a look around, check out some commercials and promos, and please call or email. I'll look forward to talking with you.

I'm also the author of three adventure travel books. Check out Out in the Cold, Common Sense and Whiskey, and Visiting Chernobyl, A Guide.

Thanks for visiting.

I work from here -
a real live log cabin!
It's a custom-built studio
bordering National Forest
in the southern
Appalachian mountains.

And I'm prompt.
I'll record your script
as soon as you send it.


Send Email
Send mail:
Bill Murray Voices, Inc.
4625 Murray Lane
Young Harris, Georgia
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Voiceovers.com is the web site of Bill Murray, who does voiceovers from the Appalachian mountains of Georgia, USA.
Call 706.379.0675. Email bill (at) voiceovers.com.

Sessions by ISDN, Source Connect or ipDTL.
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Here's the Voices, Inc. studio:

Bill Murray Voices, Inc. is about four miles from North Carolina in northern Georgia, just over the hill from Young Harris, Georgia (2000 population: 604), in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Just across the valley is Georgia's highest peak, Brasstown Bald Mountain, at 4784 feet (1458 meters).

This webcam, at the ranger station atop Brasstown Bald Mountain, sometimes points right at us. Here are a few more pictures of our physical surroundings.

All the ISDN dial-ups, studio telephone numbers and connection details are on the ISDN Connection Details page.

-Neumann M-149 microphone. It's the best microphone I've ever heard.

-Avalon VT737SP vacuum tube mic Pre Amp.

-I use two Mackie mixers, a CR-1604 and a 1202VLZ-Pro, and Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors powered by a Hafler P3000 Power Amp.

I run the latest Pro Tools LE with an MBox on a fleet of Macs, augmented by all manner of outboard memory storage. On the road I use a Mac Powerbook also with a Digidesign M Box to run Pro Tools LE. I travel with my AKG 414 microphone.

-I use a MediaForm one-hundred-per-batch CD burner, and for smaller jobs, a Primera Bravo Pro disc publisher.

-You can get your sessions via ISDN live, via .mp3 files e-mailed or ftp'd, or on tape or CD or your choice of other media.

-I can e-mail or ftp .mp3s, .aiffs or .wavs to you, or I can post any of these file types to the web or either my or your ftp site.

-Although I'm on a Neumann M-149, if you'd prefer we can use either of these back-up microphones: Neumann U-89 or AKG 414.

-I can run the mic through an Alesis Microverb 4 16 bit signal processor for effects.

-Dubs on your choice of media.

Use Bill Murray for Voiceovers
Call 706.379.0675

Here's the two faces of Owen the Octopus - an online character Bill plays for
Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, teaching children with speech disorders.

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