Billy Acquaviva

Metro Area: Los Angeles
I have several years experience doing various type of voice work. I have a wide range. I've trained with several very experienced professionals in the entertainment business.

Service Description

 I can provide voice services any and all types of media, for commercials, industrial videos, radio spots, animation, video games, etc.  

Languages & Accents

English - North American

Special Skills

Animation, Commercials, Educational, Radio, Television, Video Games

Studio Capabilities


BA Animation

BA Commercial Demo


 I have had training in acting, improv, and voice for animation, commercial, promo, add/looping, etc.   

Client List

 Disney Channel, Netflix, FX Network, Nickelodeon, AT&T, Volkswagen, HP, Blue Moon, UPS. 

How to Work with Billy Acquaviva

To invite Billy Acquaviva to audition for your project, simply click the green button next to the profile picture, answer a few questions about your project and instantly receive a quote. Billy Acquaviva typically responds within 24 hours.

Payment to Billy Acquaviva is securely made through the escrow service. This guarantees your project is completed to your satisfaction. You can pay securely by eCheck, Visa, Mastercard or American Express and when the work is done, simply download the final files, and release funds to Billy Acquaviva.